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Although you might be rejected, you’ll never know unless you try.Follow the advice in this article to help meet, attract, and date a celebrity.So, with an eye on content that leads to traffic, and also an eye on your endless need for simple advice, and an eye on the mirror (always) I shall provide you with... You know what people like (even people who aren't constantly judged on their looks and way of speaking)? Before you met Your Actor on, maybe you never trucked your ass out to a black box theater far out on the elevated train to see people in all-white clothes enact Medea with no budget. Maybe, even, seeing that particular version of Medea gives you a goddamned headache. Your Actor, though, did not write Medea or direct himself or herself to put on the duck mask and would also probably prefer to be in the latest Tony Kushner in Minneapolis.Just buy Your Actor a drink and be nice about it.4.

What is it like to watch your husband kiss other women? I mean, no need for formalities when you’re ultimately heading that direction in your conversation with a perfect stranger anyways haha!

I hope this post has given you a better look into the reality of what an actor’s wife’s life really looks like.

Again, no complaints here, I love my life with Matt.

I’m writing this post to talk about what life is really like.

We are so incredibly blessed to have the lives that we do.

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Maybe you should call up your pals and go have a drink and reconnect and stop being so needy all the time. You know who else probably can't afford to take you to Chez Maxout Credit Card? Guess why Your Actor is constantly worried about turning 30?

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