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But thankfully, my clients now trust me and are loyal friends. agents have a Russian contact who can set up the meetings and guide them through what to share and how to share it. The Russian affluent, while growing in business sophistication, have also been impacted by their country’s unsophisticated residential real estate industry. agents can narrow their focus on developing relationships with the right people at the top Russian brokerages. There is no simple solution to resolving inconsistencies.In general, we find information directly from EGRYu L is more reliable than commercial sources, but your mileage may vary.Political involvement in business creates significant corruption risks for international businesses dealing with Russian partners.And today there is the added pressure of increasing US and EU sanctions.That is not to say that they are without problems, however.

Once they trust you, the relationships will be deeper than what you are used to with professional colleagues. I expect the Russian real estate industry will continue to mature, but it will take at least another five years to even be considered remotely near the levels you have in the U. They have undergone a lot of change, and their desire to embrace that change and move forward is amazing.

They are exempt from various filing requirements and so information obtained from public sources discussed below tends to be out of date.

OOOs are the most common vehicle for small, privately-owned companies.

They are obliged to register centrally but do not have to make public disclosures in the same way as OAOs.

Information on these companies comes almost exclusively from central registration and regulatory services in Russia. The main source of interest to us is the Russian Federal Tax Service portal which allows you to search the EGRYu L – or “Single State Register of Legal Entities”.

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Remember, real estate sales only became a job a short time ago when the government no longer owned the homes. real estate agents.” You’ll find list after list of top agents.

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