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"After all, we've caught all of 'em carryin' on with their sweeties, more'n once." "Just the same, we've had some great times, haven't we, Honey? I watched her, as she closed her eyes, and saw that so-familiar naughty smile creep across her lips. Dad's life insurance policy provided enough money to pay off the mortgage on our house, and cover his funeral expenses, leaving a small amount for savings, so Mom had to be very careful with her money to provide for our needs.

She was able to meet the bills, although she had little left over after taking care of the necessities.

If you've read "Amanda", please read this revised version from the very beginning, so as to catch the changes that have been made.

"Mandy and Me" is a lengthy, multipart story, the tale of a shy young man, growing up and coming of age in the East Texas region of the United States, in the mid-1960's. -- from his loving, caring mother, before meeting the young woman who is destined to become the love of his life.

I took after Dad, having a medium complexion, reddish brown hair, and hazel eyes, but fell short of his five foot ten inch height.

Astute readers, who remember the earlier, 'original' run of this series, will see some notable changes in certain areas.

She and Dad married when she was eighteen, and I was born about two months after she turned nineteen.

Her work kept her active, which enabled her to maintain a trim figure.

The last of our chores finished, we strolled into our den, where she assumed her normal place in my lap, once I was seated in my recliner.

As always, the first thing she did was dig in my shirt pocket, pulling out my cigarettes and lighter. *** Chapter 1 -- Introductions and the Beginnings of Seduction Growing up in East Texas, in the 1950's and 60's wasn't easy, especially after Mom and I lost dad in a traffic accident, when I was ten.

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All four of our children had expressed surprise at being requested to hang around for some time alone with Mandy and me, and their grandparents on my side, after the party ended.