Updating norton caused a script error Free cam chat no credit card needed

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One of the most prominent ones being when a site is using a certificate belonging to some other site, leading the browser to believe that the site is not trustable, but it is indeed trustable.

A common example here would be that uses a certificate belogning to

Tried adjusting firewall, certificate is accessible by other people just not me. I got my pc formatted and didnt check the date (it was 22/07/2010). Then I noticed the date was wrong, it should have been 21/07/2010. I got no more access to: gmail, google earth, google search and google image.

Maybe I have to make changes somewhere in the settings? PS I’m using IE 8 errmm hi^^, i keep getting this certificate error thing evreytime i try to sign in my youtube account and its getting really annoying i have fixed my date nd time my time is set correct my date is set correct and even my timezone is set correct some1 help meeee plase ^_^ i even cleard all my cookies…yah someone help me please Thank you my friend your information made life easy for me.Don’t have to buy a new laptop yet, don’t have to slit my wrists. according to all scans i’ve gotten rid of the malware but some of the problems it caused still persist.Feel a little bit more knowledgeable, though still pretty dumb. like the certificates and her computer’s apparent love of maple leaves and hockey. Lior Aviram says, February 24th, 2009 Hey, Kaspersky products (KAV and KIS) can cause this sometimes…You need to disable the “Encrypted Connection” checking under “Traffic Monitoring”…Works My google certificate has actually expired and I constantly get pop ups stating that 443 uses an invalid certification with error code: sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate. How can I either obtained an up-to-date goggle certificate or remove this error message? My date and time is correct and the problem still persists. I cannot find the option you are talking about……I am using Vista. The certificate error started locking my access to my company sslvpn – I cannot find a solution.If the date time keep re-setting again and again, then see this post on CMOS battery problem.Now when you have set the date settings, you will most probably not see the this error again.

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I did notice yesterday that the time had changed, if only I had just changed it then I wouldn’t have worried about it all night. I will keep this website on my list of important sites to use as a resource. Yesterday, I walked away from my home computer while on a secured site. Next thing I know, I’m getting the Security Certificate error on select websites.